Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happy Labor Day! Sounds like a good time in Midway, though I don’t think I really can picture Midway in my mind haha! Well I suppose you want to know where I will be for the next 6 weeks, eh? I am.........STAYING!! Yep, gonna be here for another transfer. I was not really expecting that, but I know that this is what the Lord wants, so here I will remain and here will I work! It will be good though, I will still be with Elder Assibey so that is good. Oh and good news the package is here! Got it this morning and cracked it open....THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! Wow, you are awesome!!! Those shoes look awesome; they will be troopers I hope! Thank you for the dvd's, we will watch 17 Miracles for FHE tonight with the Bishops family most likely, and I will sit ALL day listening to the music and getting fat!!! Thanks for the advice on journal keeping, that is very true. (I told him it’s very important to be very detailed in his journaling with all the things going on in this part of the world, and all the growth and changes. It will be priceless to have throughout his life! )  I usually am not too specific in people or details, so I will need to work on that! I will take as many pictures as possible, maybe around Christmas I will need a new mini SD card.

For farming in Akonfudi most people grow cocoa mainly and then have their own personal farms for cassava and plantains and other things for food. Corn included.  Yeah its cold at night!!! I always wake up and have to turn the fan down, I wake up in the mornings and just sit wrapped in my blanket for a few minutes before getting out. I will enjoy the cold though when I come back; it just stinks when you have no choice but to go take an arctic shower in the cold morning.  I will expect a gallon of milk and an In N Out burger to meet me at the airport when I return, then we're gonna go right to Red Iguana. I am priming myself for junk foods haha! I made the BEST fried chicken two nights ago, it tasted EXACTLY like Maddox. I could have shed tears haha. And it was really easy and cheap to cook, so that is a bonus. I will treat myself to that every now and then. This has been a slower week in Akonfudi. We were not able to proselyte on Tuesday. We came back from district meeting around 2 and it was pouring just massive amounts of rain. They are hooking up a water tank to our house as well and they needed into our place so we couldn’t just leave the workers in our house so we had to wait for the rain to stop and for them to finish. By the time both happened it was late in the evening, so that was dumb. I hate not going out! I feel like a waste of flesh and it’s just boring... But no problem! Our investigator Asiedu is still doing really good! That guy is still reading the Book of Mormon like a champion and learning and understanding really really well! That makes me so happy when people want to learn and put commitment into it! We were only able to teach him one time this week because of his rice farm. Thursday was another slow day, we went on emergency splits with Elder Cowan and Elder Brown because E. Cowan had to interview some of the sister missionary’s investigators for baptism and only one spoke English and they didn’t arrange for a translator, so E. Assibey had to translate for them. Not a problem, but we planned the day already for all Twi speakers and didn’t have a translator available. So me and Elder Brown went and tried our best just to talk to people and visit members, but yeah another slow day haha. Other than those days every day we had went really well. We are working to get Asiedu and some other of our investigators ready for baptism on the 27th, but they are progressing slowly. Asiedu can’t really come to church because of his farm right now, so we are trying to get the ward to really fellowship him and encourage him to come. Hopefully it will work out well and he will be able to find some way to start coming. We started teaching a new guy named Nash. We talked to him one day and left him with a Restoration pamphlet to read and he saw us passing one day after and got us chairs ready so we sat down and taught him and he seems interested. We will see how it goes! Probably the most noteworthy thing this week happened yesterday at church. It was raining hard from the moment we woke up. We knew it meant one thing: nobody would be coming to church. When it starts raining Ghana just kind of shuts down and goes to sleep. Such was the case. We worshiped in Akonfudi and had only one investigator come. Who was that investigator you ask? Not even one of our investigators but somebody new! A white lady from the Peace Corps who is teaching in a school in the next town! One of her students is a member and told her she should come and she did. We walk in and there were like 5 people in the chapel and she was one. She was like 28 or something from San Diego and has been in Ghana for the last year. After sacrament we taught her and it was one of the most simple, powerful lessons I have ever taught. We talked to her for a while and she is Catholic and had a few misconceptions about the church that we were able to correct for her. After talking about her life and stuff for like 30 minutes, we prayed and begun the lesson. She immediately told us she had heard of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith but really didn’t know anything about them. So it was our great pleasure to teach her about the Restoration of the Gospel. Oh man, the Spirit was so incredibly strong as we described the First Vision. There was a tangible feeling of Holiness and we were edified. We further explained that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and that it stands side by side to the Bible in showing us His gospel. After we explained she had a big smile and said she had goosebumps the entire time we described it. We told her it was the Holy Ghost confirming what we said was true. I was so happy that she noticed the Holy Ghost and told us about it, that is not something I have had people tell us often. We testified that what we said was true and left her with a Restoration pamphlet and an invitation to come back. She was very thankful and I know that she noticed something different about the Church. I don’t know if she will come back next week, if she does we will really start teaching her. If not, then we have planted a seed. That is the great key of missionary work. That was an awesome experience. It energized me. It filled me with the Spirit so much. I am so thankful we had that wonderful opportunity.

Thank you again for the package though, the kids will love the glow sticks and rings I am sure! They always do!!! You guys are the absolute best people in the world!!!! Thanks for the pics too, I was not able to open the "sports shots." They are sized way too big to open here, I waited for like 5 mins and they were not even close to loading haha! But Adam looked sharp for his 1st day of school!!!  Thank you again for everything! I am healthy, happy and loving the work! I am so blessed to get to serve the Lord each and every day! I will for my whole life, but full time is a privilege and blessing! I know with all my heart this is His church. That is my humble witness. This is His work and I am so very blessed to be here. I love you so very much!!!! Have a good week and a great Labor Day!!!!

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