Monday, September 9, 2013

Yes the glorious 81 degrees is treating me well, but the humidity is kind of a pain at times. It really hasnt been raining too much, but it has today. The rain here is probably like the rain in Hawaii where it is just like mist. Its pretty cool! But yeah not too bad! What was the trek video like, just mashups of footage? Sounds nice and yes it is always good to see my face hahaha! That is the right address, and yeah they just bring it out to us! Thank you SO much for sending those! I will be soooo happy to get them! Those things can be life savers out here! My comp had some brownie mix in one he got so we mixed it up and froze it. Ice cream!!! Haha well almost ice cream. It was good though. I already know that for Christmas I will need more white shirts sent! I took 10, but at the MTC some got lost in the laundry so I only have 7 now. No big deal right now but yeah it will be soon!

Yeah the zone interviews was fun! We went to the big city Takoradi and did it. Yeah she took some pictures and I was in a few so i was in there somewhere! In the group picture I was on the end. We listened to the AP's and Sis Shulz talk while we waited for our interviews. It went well, he didnt grill me too bad haha! Just asked how I was doing and stuff. Yeah Pres Shulz is the man. He is a pretty good guy and is funny, so it will be cool to be here!  I haven't gotten sick at all so I guess I am lucky! Elder Cardon was saying how his first month here he was on the toilet more than he was off so I am feeling thankful I have been ok! Especially since we still have no water! We fetched more today. Being here is kind of like a big camping trip. You shower rarely and dont wash dishes hahaha! No it actually is fine, and I do bathe regularly, and we do wash our dishes, just not as well as we should:)  I miss Tiki more than running water I would say haha! There are dogs everywhere but they are just kinda wild so its no fun. But yeah I miss dogs.  We ran into a guy last night who lives in New Jersey but is from here and he shipped his Mazda3 to Ghana! What?! So he was standing by it and he took pictures with us standing by him hahaha. Weird.

Tell those guys hi from me and tell them that I am thankful for their leadership and examples. Church here is very different. We have the two cities we go to so we also have two branches. Yesterday we had sacrament in Nkroful because we were expecting a few investigators, so we wanted to see if they came. We had one show up before we left, and apparently the rest came later. But after sacrament we took a taxi to Axim and taught the investigators class and stuff. We had 5 people in the class which was awesome! But as far as how the church goes, about 10% is english so you can imagine how interesting that is! It is basically the same though, just smaller and less professional I guess. Yes there are lots and lots of dirt roads! Actually they all are paved but there are so many potholes and chunks missing that they just throw dirt over. But I guess our area and zone are known as the jackpot so thats a plus haha! Takoradi is one of the bigger cities and has lots of good shops and stuff so thats why its called that. We have had two baptisms since I have been here and we will have one next week. We were going to have two next week, but the girl Edith is leaving for Accra this week so she will get baptized there. That girl is so smart though! We taught her yesterday and we somehow got into baptisms for the dead, temples, family history, and missionary work! She thinks deep! She wants to serve a mission too so that is crazy!!  We taught a less active man yesterday that found us on the street. He told us Ammon came to him in the morning and told him to go to church. Who am I to judge, maybe Ammon really did. But yeah the people here like to talk about having visions and dreams and stuff. 

Oh on P-days we have a devotional for like 3 minutes with the other companionship in our apartment and then we come email, do our laundry, and then whatever we want! We are going to play volleyball with this lady in the apartment next to us today so that should be fun! This week we taught a lot of lessons though and did pretty good! At the time though the days kind of sucked. Lots of days we had appointments fall through and would spend hours trying to find people to teach. But all in all it really has been a good week.
The other day we were driving back from Axim at 6 and the sun was just setting. As I was looking out the window at the palm trees and the red sky, I realized how good life really is. It doesnt matter that I am in a 3rd world country without Mcdonalds, because the gospel really is true and is the only thing that makes us happy. It isnt nice clothes or big tvs or good food that makes us happy, it is living the gospel.
That reminds me, Adam turns 12 in November and conference is in October. Dad should take him to priesthood meeting next month so he can get the opportunity to see it! I think its a good idea and would help him. IDK. Also, a good calzone is worth it!
So before I forget let me just write that in Ghana they believe that Michael Jackson started a Satan worshiping cult and all the big music stars are in it. Nikki Minaj, Chris Brown, Rhianna, Justin Bieber, all those guys and Jay-Z and Beyonce are in charge now that Michael Jackson is dead. I thought that was awesome because they really believe it. There have even been a few people asking about it in lessons. Asking if it is a sin to listen to their music haha!
Thats Ghana for you, there is no explanation for anything here! I love you guys! It is always a highlight of my week to read your emails! Love you sooooooooo much and I will talk to you soon!

Love your favorite son,
Elder Hackmeister

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