Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Heeeelllllloooooo(said in a George Costanza voice...I can’t remember Mrs. Doubtfire!) I am doing just fantastic, all is well here in Swedru! That is pretty cool you saw a pic of me on Facebook, good old E. Moleme haha! You gotta steal people’s pics! I am banking on that when I get home for a lot of pictures haha....probably fine! You know it’s true that you do have to take a walk down memory lane every now and then! It just makes life good!  I am indeed planning on leaving most of my things here. The sad thing about finishing in Swedru is I can’t buy like anything around! Oh how I wish I finished in Cape! But E. Assibey being a good guy did order me like 5 kente ties and they should be getting my way soon. I am also getting a kente scripture bag pretty soon. Sadly when we went to Cape we got there late so I was not able to buy anything. I wanted to so bad! But I know for sure on my last day they let us walk around Cape for a few hours so I plan on buying some things that day. I will try and get as much as I can! But it’s not easy...Tell grandma and grandpa thanks for the money for me though!!

Well as for this side of the world, not too much really transpired this week. It’s been a nice week though, we have been able to work hard and things are getting better in our area. It’s been a bit slow so far this transfer but the Lord is blessing us to find some really cool and prepared people. But first let me just go through the week chronologically or I will get confused haha. So we tried to go and visit one of our recent converts this week. I think I have told you how she was avoiding us in the past? Well we thought she got over it but when we went to see her this week she did the same thing! Oh we couldn’t even get her to look us in the eye. We asked her why she was hiding and she wouldn’t say anything. We finally asked if she wanted us to stop coming and she finally answered that she did. It’s a long story, but she has no reason that we know for doing this. She said she is gonna stop coming to church and yeah she didn’t come on Sunday...so we will have to have the ward help us. Maybe she did something and feels guilty, IDK? It’s just sad though. We have begun teaching an older man, he has been coming to church off and on for about a month now. We have come to find that something is not quite right upstairs for him. We teach him and then ask him what he has learned and he doesn’t remember, so teaching him requires a lot of patience. He does remember the general message usually, but it’s still pretty fuzzy even then. He doesn’t speak English either. But we are doing our best with him! As we were teaching him the first vision he kept telling us that God went to pray and saw two angels.  So you can see he kind of vaguely is getting the message. Oh it’s a patience game! I was able to do a baptism interview this week in Odoben and it went well! It was for a 16 year old kid and he was really powerful! He really understood the gospel very well; it was cool being able to interview him. I also did go on exchanges this week with an elder named E. Tyson. He is a Ghanaian and he is a really awesome guy. We had a good time. He served close to E. Assibey for a long time and they are good friends so we had fun getting to know each other as well. He is a funny guy, kept the day fun. We went to institute in the evening and the power went out for like 20 minutes as it rained. Then after the rain the power came back and we were leaving the chapel. There is a power line that goes right across the main gate and it was sparking like crazy! Man we were afraid to leave. Elder Tyson kept saying it wasn’t in his patriarchal blessing to be electrocuted, but finally we did get out ok haha. The bishop called the power company and they came to fix it later. But it was pretty intense haha. Oh and earlier in the day we were walking down the street and a guy walked up to us and asked, "When is your next baptism?" I thought it was somebody from E. Tyson’s ward and he thought it was somebody from mine. We told him and he looked at his phone for a little, asked when the next was and then we asked if he wanted to be among haha. He said yeah, he was being taught by former missionaries and then he went to Accra and when he came back they had been transferred. His name is David and we started teaching him this week and man he is powerful! He knows everything already, just has to be converted! So that was a pretty powerful experience. He was telling us he worked at some super awesome "secret" hotel called Blue Diamond. He showed us a pic or two and it looks really really awesome. He said they only advertise online. He also said the lowest price for a room is $204 a night, yeah USD> So sounds pretty interesting. You should google it and tell me if it looks cool for real. He kept telling us stories about all the rich people that were there so my interest was piqued haha. I can’t imagine such a place here!  But yeah we did have a really boring day after that because we got called to go unlock the chapel because there were some people trying to do some work there. So we went and let them in and had to wait 2 hours for them to finish...meanwhile I had to talk to tech support because the wifi in the chapel is broken and the bishop gave the tech people our phone number so I was on the phone with Kweku in Accra and he was talking me through how to fix the modem. It didn’t work btw so they sent a squad to fix it....I guess me and Kweku didn’t make a very good team haha. So that was awesome. We have been getting more referrals this week though which is always SO appreciated! I think things will pick up a bit for us now.

And that is the week for us here! Today we will have FHE with the Acheampong family and then the Assistants are coming to spend the night so I guess we will party. I am broke from the pig roast, so I will be pulling some cash from the bank today as well haha! Tomorrow we have interviews with President Stevenson, so that should be good! Always a good time.  I am glad to hear everyone is doing good back home though, good luck with the camp planning, you can do it! You will look back and enjoy the memories!!! OH and my favorite dinner items? Well I do love chicken roll ups, chicken enchiladas, London broil and mashed potatoes, tomato soup, chicken and broccoli, etc. Most anything homemade is good! To be honest I have forgotten a lot of home foods, but those are the ones that are just delicious and come to mind! You are a great cook! Well, have a great week, keep being awesome! Love you sooo much, talk to you later!!!!

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