Thursday, July 9, 2015

Happy and Working Hard!
Mission Leadership Council
President and Sister Stevenson and Sister and 
Elder Keetch on the front row

Hey there travelers! Man sounds like it’s been a fun and busy week for you guys! Hitting up all these cool places I have never been to! I don’t think I have ever been to Reno, though I am probably not missing much! But Lake Tahoe sounds really cool, looks beautiful too! Too bad I have never been there haha! Glad that Pres had some pics of me on there. Sorry, I have been trying to send pics home, but the church Wifi is not working at the moment so it is kind of impossible...but no fear, one day you will see the pics haha! 

Well as for us here in Swedru, we have had a pretty good week. You already know about the pig roast, but on Tuesday we went for a bit of a road trip. The assistants gave us permission to go spend the night in Cape Coast so we didn’t have to travel in the morning for MLC. So yeah on Tuesday we left for Cape to stay in good old 54 step!!!! Also, we went to one member in Cape and got fed awesome jollof rice! Oh it was awesome! But to tell you the truth, going there made me really a little homesick. Not for Kaysville (sorry) but for Cape Coast. Climbing those steps, looking out over the city at night, sleeping in the exact same bed I slept in for 6 good months, even our board was exactly the same! They use a different one now so it still had my handwriting on it! Creepy! It was like I never left! Oh I loved that place so so so much! So yeah, that is my experience of returning to old 54 step. Sweet, but sad. I don’t recommend doing that to anyone haha. But yeah, anyways MLC was awesome as well! One of the best parts is now Elder Assibey is a zone leader so I got to see him again!!! Oh man I miss that guy! We talked like the whole time before MLC and the whole time after. He has by far been one of my favorite companions. I have a few who tie for 1st and he is one of them. We had fun together and worked our butts off. One other guy named Elder Tyson, also a Ghanaian was in his last district. Elder Assibey would apparently always tell everyone during district meetings that we were the most obedient and hardworking missionaries in the mission. So I am glad that in his mind we were powerful like that. We truly were. It was such a great time. So yeah, it was fun to catch up with him and get to talk. It’s funny because he is the zone leader in Takoradi and his mom and sister live in Takoradi! He could totally go and visit them, but he won’t because he is a good guy. MLC was special because Elder Von G. Keetch of the Seventy was there! Pretty cool! Their son just finished his mission and they came to pick him up. I have served around him a bit and know he is an awesome guy, so it was cool to get to meet his parents. But for MLC we talked a lot on teaching methods. It was interesting; we had a long long council on how we should all teach. After that Elder Keetch talked to us about the importance of following the Spirit in the work and it was great, I really enjoyed it! On Thursday we had exchanges and I went with Elder Larsen again! Elder Iwuchukwu went with E. Larsen’s companion, who he happened to train so it was a reunion! Pretty cool! We had a good day though, last time we went on exchanges we didn’t teach a single person sadly. But we had a good day. It was pretty cool teaching with E. Larsen because he is such a good  missionary. It’s cool to see how we have both become better. This week has just been a bit slow as well; we really are now trying to just find new people to teach. It’s not easy haha! But that’s what we need to do! So we have been trying our best. One thing I have learned in the past from situations like this is that when you go out and work your hardest and do your best, the Lord will provide people for you. 9/10 times it’s not in the way you thought. The Lord will bring people out of nowhere to give to you. So we are doing our best!

But yeah, that is how our week has been. This week will be odd because Elder Collete, who has been in our apartment is getting transferred this Wednesday to go to the office. All due to some french missionaries coming and the timing is weird, so yeah Elder Tu'Akoi will be getting an elder named Elder Biney who is a Ghanaian. So we will have a Ghanaian in the apartment now! Always fun, I love Ghanaians. This week will be pretty normal I believe. Not too much going on, we will have a combined district meeting tomorrow with the zone, so that will be fun! Then also on Tuesday I believe we will have Stake PEC, so we will see how that goes! But yeah, I am healthy and happy. Just trying to do all I can! I hope you guys have a safe drive home though and that they get the kitchen put back in one piece haha! Should look really nice though! But I love you soooo much! You are the best! Have a great week!!

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