Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hello! I am doing great! All is well indeed on this rainy day! Yes transfer news did come! And the news is that E. Kaiser is leaving and I am staying! My new companion will be Elder Iwuchukwu(E-woo-choo-koo) from Nigeria. I have met him once or twice and everyone says he is a really great guy, so I am excited. I am pretty excited for this coming transfer because we have a lot of cool people coming into the zone, so it will be nice! The other elders in the apartment are staying the same, so just a small change there. But it will be nice to have a bit of a change. I look forward to this transfer, just want to work hard and have fun with my new companion. So we will see! As for E. LeBaron IDK when his homecoming is, sorry! This has been a crazy week though. So on Monday in the evening we went to the church because we needed to use the computer to make a chart on excel and when we got there we found the door open and the gate unlocked. We walked inside and both Elder Kaiser and I had a bad feeling, but we didn’t really take it too seriously. So we unlocked the Family History door to use the computer and found the keys to the church doors inside on the table. They are usually in the bishop’s desk so we picked them up intending to give them back later. After about 10 mins, we heard somebody come into the chapel. It was the family history consultant and 3 of his nonmember friends. We were kind of confused about why they were there, but he tidied up the room, then he and his friends sat in front of the library door on their phones until we finished. Then we all left and locked the doors behind us. Kind of weird. Well, the next day we had a meeting with the zone, reporting on MLC. After the meeting the facilities guy from Accra showed up saying they were coming to change the locks because somebody stole the tv from the library. Woah! So we went to the hallway and found somebody had indeed stolen the tv. The keys to the library are only on the keys that are regularly in the Bishops office desk! The ones we found! So what happened we found was that somebody went into the ceiling from the room next to the bishops office, went into his office and took the keys from the desk, then went back and into the library, stole the tv, then went into the family history room to probably try and steal the computers, saw they couldn’t and left the keys. It must have happened right before we got there! The funny thing is that whoever did it cut themselves and left blood in the bishops office and fingerprints everywhere! The sad thing? In Ghana they don’t use that in police work...they just cleaned it up...soooo yeah haha! Pretty crazy though! They made us fill out a police report, so that’s what we did all day Tuesday...ah that was fun. It may remain a mystery forever who took it. But somebody broke into the stake center Saturday and did the exact same thing, so it must be an insider! They are pretty sick to steal from the church...

In brighter news we did a lot of baptism interviews and had our open house festivities this week!!!  On Thursday we interviewed 4 people in Winneba for baptism and they all passed! One lady had an abortion when she was 14 and told the missionaries. Sadly for me, the missionaries did not tell President Stevenson or myself, so I had to call him after to tell him what happened. The situation was not really her fault, so it was ok. She was a really cool lady though, really humble and kind. Then Friday we went back and had another interview for a man named Steven and he passed as well and I enjoyed interviewing him. After, we hurried back to Swedru because we had our parade to do! All 3 wards met up in Swedru town along with a brass band and we paraded around town for literally 3-4 hours telling everyone about the open house the next day. Ghanaians love dancing, so the whole time everyone danced. Even I got so into it that I danced the whole time. I have never, and probably won’t ever again, danced that much! Haha just walking and dancing. People really liked it though. And yeah, it was a lot of fun. By the time we finished all us missionaries were dead. We ended at our chapel and had a drink made from ginger and pepper and a fruit. It’s called beesap. It’s a spicy drink, so weird but is one of my favorites now. The next day was the open house! It started around 11 and was a HUGE success! 400 people came! It was great, we did a tour of the chapel and in all the rooms were different members explaining different points, like family and the first vision. The Accra people gave us some really cool 6 foot tall pictures that we had in the different rooms and they all had different things on them such as family and the first vision. We had a time in the chapel where all the people were gathered and allowed to ask questions and it was awesome. We handed out a ton of pamphlets and 20 Books of Mormon. They went like hot pockets at a weight watchers meeting! One cool thing was a guy walked in and told me that he was in town for a wedding and walked past the chapel. As he passed he felt prompted he needed to go in, but he did not. As he walked past later he felt prompted still so he entered. He told me and said, "so yeah I am here." I invited him to join one of the tour groups but he was on his way back to Accra and didn’t have time. So I gave him some pamphlets, quickly explained the Restoration and took his number and sent it to the Accra missionaries. It was really cool! I hope the missionaries there meet him, he is going to be a Seventy someday haha! But after that we ate! The ward prepared a TON of food, so everybody got to eat! There was a lot of fufu, banku, rice and all sorts of things! It was awesome. We will be working to get in contact with all those people now! A lot of good was done, probably more than we can ever measure. But overall understanding was achieved. A lot of people in Ghana think we are a cult as well and we steal hearts and worship other gods and stuff, so it was good that people could come and see the church and ask questions. A lot of good will come from it. Sunday we had “Missionary Sunday" where we spoke in sacrament meeting. A whopping 50 people were in sacrament meeting due to the rain, so it wasn’t quite what we wanted, but no problem haha! I spoke on the Plan of Salvation and the importance of making the right choices now so we can receive all of God’s blessings one day. After church though we had the baptism for Joe and it went well! Lots of people stayed to watch and so he was well supported. He was baptized by our assistant ward mission leader and it did take 3 tries, but he was baptized! So it was a success! Glad to see another member put into the church. Especially him as we just baptized his mom and siblings! Good stuff!

This week will be just full of changes as transfers always are. But it will be good. I want a nice good last transfer, don’t want to think about going home too much, just want to do good. But that is the plan always I guess! Thanks for everything! As for souvenirs, I got another nativity set and I asked E. Assibey to buy me some more kente ties. Not a lot to buy here in Swedru. I wish I was still in Cape for souvenirs! But one day I will be in Cape before I go I guess so I will buy some stuff. But yeah I don’t think I really need anything sent, I am doing good! Thanks though! Love you soooo much!!!!

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