Thursday, May 14, 2015

Some pictures arrived just in time for Mother's Day! Elder Hack is not in any of them, but it's fun to see his surroundings, his zone and 
President and Sister Stevenson!

Skype Pictures!

Hello again! Its been soooo long! Haha but yeah it was awesome to get to see and talk to you guys. Indeed it was a bit frustrating, but all in all it was successful! I am glad that after the difficult Skype I just called though haha! I am happy you were able to have a happy Mother's Day and that everyone took good care of ya! Sounds like it was a fun day and that you had lots of fun stuff going on. 

We had a fun time with the pig roast! We killed the little guy at 4 am and fired him up. We had a member prepare us boiled cassava and stew to eat it with and we bought a bunch of cokes and sprites to enjoy with Wilbur. So it  was successful! Yeah I guess I really don't have too much to say, but again I do love you so much! Thanks for the encouragement and all the support. I will definitely continue to work hard, this is the best work! Its kind of hard to talk about over Skype I guess, but really I do love this work and the people. I cherish it all. I will be sad to leave...Ghana is such a peaceful and wonderful place with such wonderful people. I will work hard to do the work! But yeah It's a new transfer here so we will be working hard to do all we can to help others! I love you and am grateful for you! You're the best! [He is staying put in Swedru this transfer and so is his companion as well as the other companionship in his apartment.  He was very happy about that since they all get along really well and he is LOVING Swedru!]

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