Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy Monday! Hey there! How’s it going?! I am doing good. Yeah things are going on good here. It’s been a bit of a hectic week, but it’s been good. We finally were able to watch conference yesterday, it was awesome and we saw it in English too so that’s always a plus!  Elder Holland gave such an awesome talk on the atonement, I loved it so much! The Lord is there to make all things right. We do live in a fallen world, but through the Savior there will be order and peace in the world to come. All things will be made right and all will stand to feel His loving arms around them. How wonderful it will be! On the note of Elder Larsen being the new Assistant, yeah isn't that awesome! I have gotten to know him a bit out here and yeah he is a great missionary. He will do a great job and it will be nice to see him more. I was pretty excited to hear it was him! And man that is so crazy that those people are getting married and serving missions and stuff, life is moving forward eh? So strange but cool! I am doing good though, the week has been crazy but good. A little long but still nice! We gave our report from MLC and one thing we talked about was budgeting our money. Well when we told the zone that Pres wants people to budget better, there were a few who didn't like that. And I guess they thought it was my idea or something. People got kind of angry at me haha. On Wednesday almost all day we did transfers. A lot easier than in Cape but took more time. We just had to send one person off ourselves and then let the district leaders deal with their own districts so that was nice. We then went to Winneba to pick up the new people since the District leader in Winneba got transferred out. Got them on their way and went back to Swedru! It was funny because there were some new sisters and we put them in a taxi to go to their apartment and the taxi driver’s battery died. So, bare handed he undid the battery from the car, used another cars live battery to jumpstart it only using the wires and then reconnected the battery bare handed. We saw that and tried to switch cars, but he wouldn't let us. Well, 10 seconds later it died again so we switched cars and got a lower price because they wasted our time. Gotta love the crazy things you see! But yeah, the last few weeks we have been so busy with other things that teaching investigators has been kind of 2nd priority...but this week we FINALLY had time to proselyte most of the week and we found out that we have lost a lot of investigators! So we spent a lot of the days finding and working with members to find people. It was kind of stressful, but we found a lot of promising people to work with! So that is great! This week we will be seeing most of them! We have 3 baptisms planned for the 30th, a mom and 2 of her kids! So that is exciting! The rest of the family will hopefully be baptized later! But the three of them are ready now so we will move forward! She fed us fufu yesterday after church and it was great! On that subject, the worst food I have had is probably some fufu. We had some this week and it was just terrible, the soup was just garbage! There is a lot of fufu that is just nasty, usually made by people and not chop bars. Most of the time fufu is good, but sadly sometimes it is just horrible! It’s my favorite food in Ghana and my least favorite ;)

But yeah, it’s been a good week. We spent some time visiting members, making them smile and want to help us, seeking out new people and all that good stuff! It’s nice!  And no, the packages have not made it into my hands yet...though one is just sitting at the mission home! The AP's forgot to bring it, so I will probably have to wait until the 29th when we go to Cape. But thanks in advance! ;) As for school, maybe you should switch that class for me; I am thinking the Communications/public speaking class sounds a bit better and more useful. That’s what education is about right? Using what you learn? I don’t want to waste my time going to plays haha... Hmmm. [Mom and Brady are trying to plan his college schedule for him, hopefully he’ll be happy with it and won’t hate us for the choices we make haha!] Well I think that’s about it from Ghana! I am doing good, happy, healthy, working hard! So all is well! Thanks for everything, you are de BEST!!!!!! Medo wo! (Love you!)

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