Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pictures off E. Hack's Camera Card!

Howdy there! Happy March to the Hack clan, I am indeed doing great and indeed the week was good! It was a very crazy week for sure haha, but it was good! Glad to hear you are enjoying the pictures still! They are pretty awesome I must say. Ok, I guess I need to explain the video of the guy running into the door eh? Well, that door is to the balcony in the Axim apartment. We would always have it open because there's always a nice breeze that comes through it. But one night we came home and found that the lock was broken and it wouldn't unlock. Well, we just couldn't have no balcony!!! It is a necessity after all! So, we told E. Cavaness to fireman slam it. That is basically what the video is, that's why everyone is cheering at the end, we were so happy! Haha oh the things that happen! 

The baby born on my bday is named David sadly...everyone loves naming their kids after Biblical people but not E. Hackmeister eh? Ok that's cool I guess...Haha. I don't have a picture, they forced me to hold him and I was kind of freaked out a bit. They told me to be careful with his back so I was being super careful, then he started crying and they just snatched him away like they were picking up a piece of laundry so I was kind of confused why they were so concerned about ME holding him carefully haha. But yes, the week has been pretty full of weird things hahahaha. I am glad I am with E. Mckeon though because he is a pretty awesome guy, we are having fun and definitely working hard. It's more work as zone leaders than as missionaries this week though. As far as our investigators go, well they are doing ok, but not great haha. I will explain in due time in this email hahaha.

So to start off I guess with the week, we went on exchanges Wednesday. I went with E. Brown from Louisiana. I have been with him like 5 times out here so it was kind of fun to get together with him again. We had a really successful day of proselyting, every lesson we had planned went through successfully! It was awesome, that doesn't happen often! Seven powerful lessons were taught that day! We celebrated by going to Hayfords and getting pizza after because it was a must. But yeah, E. Brown is a cool guy so we had fun. Then Thursday we traded back companions and E. Mckeon and I had a super SLOW day haha...we only taught 1 lesson because everyone was gone. But it was good because we had to go do some baptismal interviews for the sisters in our zone. I did one and E. Mckeon did one. The one I interviewed was an old lady who didn't speak english. She was pretty nice, but she had an issue. She said she wouldn't stop working on sundays, but she would come to church so God should just understand. I taught her and she understood and committed to live the law of the Sabbath so she was good to go actually. E. Mckeon interviewed a guy and he had an abortion question come up so President had to be called but in the end it was all good so yeah both of them were happily baptized this week! After the interview we went back to our chapel and found the district leader for the other district doing baptismal interviews for some of the elders. They were all good, but there was one lady who he just didn't have a good feeling about. She passed the interview and had left, but he just didn't feel right so he requested that we do a second interview. We agreed, so we said the next day we would do it. Well, the next day we went to her house and she was not happy AT ALL!!! The missionaries who taught her told her she failed the interview the 1st time so she got offended and didn't want to see us. She ran away from us and the whole house was getting frustrated with us saying we shouldn't have failed her. Well, long story short, after over an hour of coaxing we convinced her to just sit down and talk to us. I ended up being the one to do so. I had to explain to her so very politely that she did not fail and we just wanted to go over the interview again. Well, she felt ok so I did the interview and she passed with no problem. She was baptized and all was well. But oh how it was fun to get her to sit down while everyone around was getting involved and saying pointless things haha! It all happened around the place one of our recent convert works. Her boyfriend works around there as well and he was supposed to be baptized this Saturday but after the interview we got some rather sad news from her that is gonna push that baptism back a bit. He beat the heck out of her! Now, it's kind of common in Ghana for women to get beat, but she seriously got beat. He slammed her head into a wall, stepped on her head, kicked her, all sorts of things because they got into an argument. Soooooooo....yeah we need to work on that. We did a lot of marriage counseling last night with both of them together and there were a lot of different emotions involved. Sadly, forgiveness was not one of them...yet. Yeah we are still working on that one. Me and E. Mckeon were talking last night about how funny it is for us to be giving marriage advice when we are just like 20 years old haha.

Well let's move onto Saturday. We had a "fit walk" at 5 am for the ward. We woke up at 4:30 and went to the church for the walk! It was an early rise, but we felt ok. We got there and waited for people to show up. About 20 of us were there so it was alright attendance I guess. But we walked around ALL of Cape Coast. It was good, but I didn't have running shoes, just flip-flops. [puppies stole his running shoes] And it rained on us, so my feet were all muddy. But it was a lot of fun! We came back and had a nice breakfast of rice porridge, which is basically like rice pudding, and bread. E. Seaman and E. Joseph wussed out on us and didn't come until the breakfast was served haha! We earned ours however haha! But after we went back, got dressed and showered, and went out to do some shopping because it was one of the sister missionary's birthday today and we thought it would be kind of nice if we bought some small thing. We went to this place called the "Cedi Store" which basically sells everything that was rejected from Rite Aid. They had all these incredibly stupid birthday/greeting cards that we were dying reading. Anyway we bought a plastic cup and a card for her haha. African sisters are not as picky as American sisters by the way. But after that we got a nice call from the AP's that we needed to go on exchanges again. So, we got in a taxi and went to the missionary's apartment. E. Mckeon is best friends with one of them and was his companion before so it was a great blessing to have him transferred to this zone at this time! So I was with E. Brown again haha! We had a good day, and we got pizza again haha! 

Today has been a good p-day though. We had a district activity at the beach where we played games. We poured water all over the sister who was having the birthday and gave her the gift so it was nice. But we really have had fun today!  Not too much is going on tonight, we don't really have a plan haha! We have been out of water for 2 weeks and they brought a water truck today to fill it up so maybe we will go and wash our clothes or something? IDK really haha!  [I asked him how he showers if there's been no water for two weeks, and how the electrical situation has been.  This is his answer: We bathe with and drink from water sachets. Soooo fun! haha not. You bite off a corner and spray yourself down. Usually about 5 will get the job done. Good times! Yep power is usually on for 24 hrs then off for 12. That's the usual schedule.  Yes the head light is just AWESOME. I really use it a lot haha!]

Yeah though, I am really enjoying being with E. Mckeon. We have had a lot of fun times this week despite it being pretty interesting. We are able to joke and so it's nice. Right now we are just struggling a bit finding people to teach. But it happens sometimes. The Lord will open up a way for us as He always does. This is His work and He definitely knows how to do it. It's all in His own time. We are doing our best and working hard so we will be blessed! But yeah I am doing good! Had a fun crazy week! Hope that this week it will be great! Thank you sooo much for everything though!  You are the BEST though in the WHOLE WORLD!!! I love you soo much! Have a great week!

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