Monday, March 9, 2015

Gooooooooood Afternoon to you!!! Happy Monday, glad to hear that you have had such a wonderful week and that everyone is doing great! First of all, sorry to see that the big tree at the office has been absolutely mauled hahaha! Sorry, doesn’t look too good or promising, but I guess you gotta just have faith that the lumberjack knew what he was doing. He is a credentialed professional though right? Don’t worry about sending me any running shoes, if I want I can pretty much buy them anywhere. They sell them on carts around town haha. I am doing great here though; it’s been a pretty uneventful week here actually. Kind of a contrast to last week isn’t it? So it’s been kind of nice in a way and kind of annoying in a way. The work has been a bit slow in our neck of the woods for a little bit, but we are hoping for two baptisms this week! Talking about B, M's boyfriend, we were able to pretty well resolve the situation. They are back to normal and all is well. That’s the thing, here beating your girlfriend or wife isn’t a very big deal. Women are kind of second class here still so it’s not as frowned upon. I mean, you could still go to jail, but it wouldn’t be for very long. So we taught him about why it is not right to do that and how he really shouldn’t ever do that again. He feels bad and Mary feels fine about everything. So yeah, he is preparing for baptism this week! He is very excited and it will be a great experience. The other person we are planning for is an 8 year old girl named Maame(mommy) Kakraba(ka-crah-bah). Her English name is Cadimel Aquah. But she is the granddaughter of a member and has been coming to church forever, so her mom who isn’t a member said she should be baptized. Hopefully we will start teaching the mom this week! That would be so great if we could convert her as well! She is a really cute little girl and always gives me a big hug whenever we come. We were hoping that our good friend Randy would get baptized this week too but he didn’t come to church...again. It’s too bad because whenever we go and teach him we have great lessons and he talks about how much he wants to be baptized and everything. The issue is he is working at this bank and his boss always calls him to come in on Sundays. So that is too bad, hopefully we can work through that. We had a great MLC as you saw on Pres. Stevenson's blog, they are indeed always fun! It’s always edifying and informative. And great food so no complaints at all! After we had stake PEC and it was pretty routine as well, nothing too out of the ordinary haha. But yeah, we are just trying to find new people to teach. The area is good, but it has its challenges because it’s a really small area. We are just trying to get referrals and contact people! It’s fun though, we have some nice members who help us a lot and everything. Oh and one nice experience is I had the opportunity to go on exchanges this week with our fellow 54-stepper, Elder Joseph from South Africa. We had a good time, a slow day because it was on 6 March AKA Ghana's Independence Day. The town was just kind of empty haha. But it was fun. That is cool dad hired a South African though. Is she white or black? South Africans are just awesome. I really enjoy being around them.

Let’s see...Sunday we had a pretty laid back day. Church was good, we had a good service and our two investigators getting baptized came. We went and visited an old blind member named Bro. Ayensu(Eye-in-sue) who always tells us crazy stories, and went and got fed dinner from one of our members named Jennifer. So it was a good day. Today we had a great zone activity. We all brought food to the church and had a potluck type thing. After we played games and we chugged a crate of 24 Pepsi’s. So it was fun hahaha! Good to hear that there are some things coming in the mail; I will
distribute the bracelets accordingly. It will probably be easier here than Akonfudi! Yeah the ring you sent me actually is a perfect fit, I was really impressed you pulled that off so well without me being there
haha! But yep Elder Dube is coming this Thursday! It will be really cool I’m sure! I am looking forward to it. I also hope this week we will be able to find some new investigators and get the work moving forward more! But things are really going well here, we are working hard, having fun! We made a big country stew this morning loaded with potatoes, carrots, chicken, green onions, the whole Thanksgiving spread! It tastes SOOOOOOO good hahaha!

Well, as I have considered and prayed about schooling, UVU is sounding pretty good to me. If you could apply for me and everything that would be awesome.  IDK where I will stay, guess you will worry about that hahaha!  Well, that is about it from me here in good old Cape Coast! Life is good, the work is divine. How thankful I am to get to serve the Lord here at this time. It is such an AMAZING work! Never forget that! We are all enlisted! Thank you so much, you are the best! Love you!!!

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