Monday, January 13, 2014


Wow it sounds like everything is going pretty darn well at home! That’s all awesome!!! This past week has been great here in Axim as well! I feel bad for complaining a little last week because as I step back I can really see the whole picture and see how God has blessed me and us out here. We have been killing it numbers wise out here. The Holy Grail of lessons taught each week is 30 and this week we taught...29! So we are really really working hard! It makes me happy at the end when I can physically see how hard we have been working. Because sometimes during the week I get stressed feeling like we can be doing more when we have free time during proselyting. But yeah, we have really been going all out. Now it’s just finding people who will accept the gospel! We are working on that now. We have two baptisms scheduled for this Saturday, but I’m a little skeptical if we will let one baptize. One has been coming to church each week for 6 months. The reason she hasn't baptized earlier was because we were unsure of her marriage status but it’s been confirmed she is really married haha. But now she is having a feud with an old woman who lives by her and happens to be a member. But in my opinion if you have hard feelings against someone and won’t forgive them you shouldn't baptize. It’s not so much not liking the lady, but she won’t forgive her, so it’s like you can’t make someone be nice to you but you absolutely must do your part. You can’t be hating someone and then expect the Lord to forgive you of your sins. It’s like the story of the Debtor that the Savior told. But we will for sure be baptizing this other woman named E. We were hoping to baptize her and her husband, but he has an alcohol problem we gotta work through. But she is solid, we will have her interview on Wednesday so hopefully that goes well! They both picked me to baptize them so that’s sweet!

We are in Takoradi today and we went to the beach again, it was sweet! It’s been a good day and I am feeling really good and happy and just so thankful to be out here serving. This is a great place and I am so thankful for the trials the Lord has given me because I know that they have helped me. That’s why He gives us challenges, to build us up! It’s not easy at times, but it’s so worth it. It’s the Refiners fire and each time an impurity is burned off you become better. I don’t have a ton of time to email today, but I will send pics right now! I love you so much and I love everyone back home! We have a great family and ward! That’s so apparent after being in this branch is how awesome our ward runs and functions! But you are the best mom and the best family ever! Thank you for all that you do for me! Oh and the reason for the no glasses is just because it’s so hot that I just sweat and then can't wipe my face as easily with glasses on! I wear them sometimes in the house haha! 

Love you!!!!!!!!

Anna's baptism! That was a day to remember!!!

Elder Larsen, Sister Selina, Some of Anna's sisters, and Anna and I

Just before baptizing her!!!

Slave Castle in Axim - Elder Larsen

This is where they let the slaves hang out apparently

The guy that ran the fort at one point was named Gomez. He fell off a balcony one day to his death, so this is where he is buried. Right in the slave yard.

Hangin out on top of the castle, kinda cool I guess...

This is a cool view. Looks kinda like a ship or something.

Elder Moleme is doin hard time. With a random Ghanaian kid apparently!

Elder Kalahiki also got thrown in. Man I'm sad I didn't get a pic like this haha.

Man this place is beautiful!!

This is the Axim coast from the top!

This is a molding of the dead guy Gomez's head. Elder Moleme, one of the elders in our apartment, really liked him I guess haha!

This is the throne where I govern Axim from.

The guy that ran the fort at one point was named Gomez. He fell off a balcony one day to his death, so this is where he is buried. Right in the slave yard.

This is how they move oranges! They fill a tro and then dump them on the street side. The sellers will fill up their bowls and then sell them off their heads.

Jesus action figure in a pile of laundry outside the branch presidents house??

I took this because if you remember when we did those pictures before I left, the background we used looked like this. I remember we weren't very excited when the photographer brought it out, but it looks like he had some inside knowledge!

We were sitting waiting for a lesson to start, and sure enough what do you know, some guy drags not one, but TWO sea turtles up onto the beach! Man I felt soooo bad. Poor fellas!!

Merry Christmas from Axim!!

A beautiful Axim sunset in Good old Ghana! Enjoy the snow!

Cody will like this picture.....the knockoff Pringles!!! "Uncles" for all!

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