Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Well....this has been a very....interesting week hahaha. There have been some great days and some just plain "what just happened" days. So first we will get the bad out of the way:

Our branch president stepped down!!! That’s a big problem. We were visiting a member after church Sunday and I got a call from the mission president and after he asked how I was doing he said, "do you want to tell me what happened in church today?" I was confused, but I just told him nothing really, but the branch president wasn’t there. So he asked about the baptism on Saturday and I told him he wasn’t there either. I guess President Shulz got a call from someone claiming to be a pastor for a different church in Axim and said he needed to talk to his missionaries in Axim and ask them what’s going on. We figure it’s a member who just didn’t want to say who it was, that’s what Pres thinks. We think we know who it was, which is one of the old branch presidents who hates the current one and tries to run the branch himself. So yeah, the branch president stepped down and wouldn’t call president Shulz, he told him via text. So he wouldn’t answer any of Pres Shulz' calls or anything. We had to go to his house yesterday and he still wouldn’t call him. He was venting and saying just terrible things. After about 20 minutes I stealthily texted Pres Shulz and told him to call right then and he did. Luckily the branch president answered and talked to him. But he says he won’t ever step foot in the church again and he can’t get released until the 16 of February. So it looks like we are running the branch until then. Elder Kalahiki is going home in 2 weeks so the guess is that President will bring a Ghanaian elder out to be the branch president because there is nobody capable enough to do it sad to say... So yeah, that’s interesting and sad. It’s just one of those things you have to laugh about because it’s so ridiculous. Axim was so sweet, but there is a lot of things that go on underneath the surface and now they are starting to pop up. Lots of fighting between the members. Nobody is committed to the church in the branch. It’s just something you do on Sunday to them. That’s the reason Axim has been a branch for 20 years instead of blossoming. Frustrating. But oh well, we will work hard!

But on to the good. We have this guy we are teaching named Ebow. He has been investigating for a while now, and has only come to church one time. So we have been trying to figure out how to get him to really feel the Spirit and want to come to church. I bought the Restoration DVD a few days earlier so we decided to watch it with him. As we were watching, I felt the Spirit so incredibly strong. By the time the movie was over I was in tears. That is not something that ever happens out here, because only women cry out here and they will mock you. So if I am ever feeling the Spirit strong, I have to hold it in hahaha. But this time I couldn’t do it, I was choked up. I had a hard time talking. That’s the first time that has happened since my farewell. But the Spirit was sooooo strong! It was amazing. I know with all my heart that Joseph Smith was a prophet, the Spirit will ALWAYS testify of that. I hope Ebow felt that same Spirit. Sadly he didn’t come to church this week, but we will see him tomorrow and see what’s up. But I loved that experience. I love feeling the Spirit, that’s what makes us happy!

The other good thing this week was the baptism! We baptized the lady named Elizabeth. She is ready and knows it’s true. Hopefully we can get her husband Daniel baptized in February. He has just had some alcohol issues. But yeah we baptized her and the other elders had a baptism as well. It was Moro's twin brother! That was sweet. I actually got to baptize them both!!! So that was awesome! I love baptisms. They are the best days! I am in Takoradi today so I will send some pics too!!!
We are here because we just had a combined Zone Conference and Pres Shulz instructed. We heard some great instruction today. Pres talked about being a fully consecrated missionary. It was great! The AP's talked about being a hardworking, smart working missionary. It was good too and they had some nice ideas on how to work hard without killing yourself! Lately we have been walking a ton and my legs are tired, so that was a good instruction to hear haha.

Yeah we have met the Julanders, they seem like awesome people! It will be great to have them out here! I am glad the Bybee's called you, I hope you get to talk to them soon! That would be awesome, they are great people. The apartment is great! We all get along and have fun together, it’s a great group. My back was hurting last night so Elder Moleme was nice enough to walk on it hahaha. He is about the same size as Adam so it reminded me of home haha!
I have been nice and healthy though, no problems! I hope you can find some fufu in SLC! Let me know! I enjoy it and you will too. Maybe not. Haha. Have fun in SO CAL though! I love you all sooooo much! Thank you for all you do!!! :)

Man I have lost some weight. Gotta put some on or start doing some push ups. I look like Im 12 years old! But this is Elizabeth and Alhassan Moro!(yes thats his real name)

Me and Elder Larsen with Elizabeth

This one is for Cody. No Pee Cola, but there is Uncle Pee's. Is it for leaky bladders or auto repair?

This is our zone! Its getting big. Lots of great guys here!

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