Monday, December 30, 2013


Sounds like Christmas: The 2013 Experience was good! It was great talking to you guys too! It was nice talking to everyone, felt like I was with you guys! We really didn’t do anything else that day, we played Jenga though hahaha. My new companion is doing good, it’s just a little more stressful training and also showing the other new missionaries around. On top of that it’s been hard finding people to teach since we only have half the area now. I have been kinda stressed this week haha. We had the baptism yesterday though, and it was nice!! We also had the most people at church I have ever seen here. We had to bring in chairs from the other rooms during sacrament! Crazy!  Sadly most of the investigators are from the other area, sooo yeah still trying to figure out how to find people. The problem is not that there are no people, it’s that the church is so far so we have to find people within a reasonable distance from the church. Our area is hard because we are farther from the church. Most of it is a small fishing village that already has a number of less active members because it is so far. But no problem because we have 4 people from our area planning to baptize on the 18th and they are all solid! So that makes me happy! I am hopeful that the 18th will be an awesome day! Hopefully January will be a better month than December. It’s really been a stressful week though. So many changes and new challenges. Just have to breathe and push forward though. But as for my favorite experience so far, I would have to say converting Moro. He is a powerful guy and I really love looking at how the gospel has clicked with him. He is so interested to learn more and really understands everything so well. It is sad to me though that he STILL hasn’t gotten the priesthood. By no fault of his own either, just our branch president is so busy. That is one thing that adds to the stress, our branch really doesn't function independently, we have to do a lot of things.  But Moro is sweet and will be a great leader in the church as the years come! It makes me happy to see that!

I really don’t have much to report this week though, it’s just been a more difficult week. But I am so thankful to be out here serving, this is the greatest mission in the world, no offense to anyone haha. There are so many blessings every day that we see and don’t see! It’s awesome! I am so thankful for you guys and all the support and love you give! Thank you so much! That is a great quote (Come unto Christ and be perfected in Him) because it is true, that is exactly what Christ offers us! If we will turn to Him and accept Him, He will transform our weaknesses and imperfections into strengths and happiness. Love you guys so much! I will talk to you next week!

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